Pro bono

"A strong commitment to social justice is 'who we want to be' as a firm."

 Jeremy Davis, Managing Partner.

Providing high-quality pro bono services is a professional responsibility, inherent in the privilege of being a lawyer. 

Our focus is on supporting low income, disadvantaged and marginalised people in the Australian community, and the charities which support them. Within this broad focus, we have concentrated our work within the areas of:

  • vulnerable children (including family violence, and early intervention in respect of childhood disadvantage)
  • disability services and advocacy
  • economic disadvantage (including homelessness, elder abuse, credit and food stress)
  • First Nations Australians.

We are a signatory to the National Pro Bono Target, committing to an average of 35 hours of pro bono work per lawyer, per year.  In FY23, we averaged 39 pro bono hours per lawyer. Within this period, 74 per cent of all lawyers did at least 2 hours of pro bono work and 76 per cent of all partners completed some pro bono work.