Commercial crime update: July 2020

Articles Written by Robert Wyld (Consultant), Angus Hannam (Senior Associate), Louise Dinnie (Law Graduate), Macsen Nunn (Associate)

Despite the COVID-19 conditions that exist around the world, activities in the commercial crime space continue along. Australia inches ever more-closer to substantial reforms to its foreign bribery and commercial crime laws, although it has been over 4 years from when they were first proposed. These will, once enacted, have a considerable impact on international supply chains and require Australian business to be robustly proactive in identifying, managing and minimising risk in order to protect themselves from potential strict criminal liability. Our Foreign Bribery Updates are now focused on the broader topic of Commercial Crime, which is now of greater importance to governments across the world. Australian businesses needs to be aware of these developments in order to protect themselves from potential criminal liability and reputational issues.

Important Disclaimer: The material contained in this article is comment of a general nature only and is not and nor is it intended to be advice on any specific professional matter. In that the effectiveness or accuracy of any professional advice depends upon the particular circumstances of each case, neither the firm nor any individual author accepts any responsibility whatsoever for any acts or omissions resulting from reliance upon the content of any articles. Before acting on the basis of any material contained in this publication, we recommend that you consult your professional adviser. Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation (Australia-wide except in Tasmania).

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