Corporate crime & investigations

Understanding the economic and commercial rationale behind every transaction and providing the best legal solutions to help achieve your business objectives is at the heart of our corporate team’s approach.

Our lawyers are experienced in all aspects of the white-collar criminal law defence practice, in conducting internal investigations, responding to extradition applications, money laundering issues, proceeds of crime applications, the Australian and international sanctions regimes, and defending Australian companies and individuals in cross-border criminal investigations and prosecutions.


Recent matters

Sinclair Knight Merz

Acting for former director and officer of Sinclair Knight Merz who has been charged, together with the company and other individuals, with conspiracy to bribe a foreign public official in contravention of the Commonwealth Criminal Code, in connection with aid-funded infrastructure projects in Vietnam and the Philippines. The committal is listed for early 2020 with any substantial trial hearings later in 2020 or 2021.

International Bar Association and OECD Task Force on Lawyers Obligations in International Commercial Transactions

Act as the IBA co-lead on the Presidential Task Force with the OCED OECD on drafting a Report entitled Tthe Role of Lawyers andin International Commercial Structures. The Task Force grew out of the Panama and Paradise Papers, considering the role of lawyers in offshore commercial structures and how reforms might occur to regulate the creation and use of such structures and the role of lawyers in targeting bribery, corruption, tax fraud and money laundering. The Report is at

International Bar Association Pro-Bono work for the Afghanistan Independent Bar Association

Drafted the Anti-Corruption Guidelines for the Afghanistan legal profession, devised a training workshop attended by the Afghanistan Minister of Justice and Bar Association leadership and reviewed the Bar Association’s internal disciplinary procedures.

ABAC Matters, International Clients

Various matters involving internal advice on ABAC policies and procedures, training programs, and internal investigations on potentially illegal conduct in assignments in the Asia Pacific Region, Africa and the Middle East.

Sanctions Matters, Australian Clients

Ongoing advice in relation to the application of Australia, US and European sanctions and their impact on Australian businesses.

AML Matters, Australian Clients

Ongoing advice on anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing obligations on finance companies (as reporting entities) in connection with due diligence inquiries and reporting obligations.


Robert Wyld is recognised as a Band 1 Lawyer in Anti-Bribery & Corruption Law.
Chambers Asia-Pacific, 2018-2020
JWS is recognised as a leading firm in Anti-Bribery & Corruption Law.
Chambers Asia-Pacific, 2018-2020
Market sources acknowledge Robert Wyld as a "significant figure with deep knowledge of the space," whose "advise in this technical area is very pragmatic: it needs to be understood by everybody from the CEO to the cleaner and he provides very good, solid advice in this respect."
Chambers Asia-Pacific, 2019
Clients acknowledge JWS as having "a very good reputation in this area", as well as their ability to handle "very difficult and delicate law".
Chambers Asia-Pacific, 2019
Robert Wyld is described as "an impressive and energetic lawyer" who is "excellent on substance and extremely pleasant to work with".
Chambers Asia-Pacific, 2018
"I think JWS is well organised, experienced, knowledgeable and efficient."
Chambers Asia-Pacific, 2018

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