Release of new petroleum exploration tenements for competitive tender

Articles Written by Peter Rose (Partner), Haerim Nam (Associate)

The Queensland Government has released five new areas of land totalling 1,459km2 in Queensland’s Bowen and Surat basins for petroleum and gas exploration.

The competitive tender process for the areas will close 2:30PM (AEST) on Thursday, 3 September 2020.

Below are details of the tender areas.

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Item Tender area code Size and location Commodity
1 PLR2020-2-1 77km2 (25 sub-blocks)
17km south-east of Injune
Coal seam gas
2 PLR2020-2-2 37km2 (12 sub-blocks)
29km south-east of Injune
Conventional and/ or unconventional gas
3 PLR2020-2-3 154km2 (50 sub-blocks)
32km south-east of Injune
Coal seam gas
4 PLR2020-2-4 357km2 (117 sub-blocks)
25km south-west of Moonie
Conventional and unconventional oil and gas
5 PLR2020-2-5 834km2 (275 sub-blocks)
50km south-west of Moonie
Conventional and unconventional oil and gas

Below is a map of the five new areas released for tender.The new areas were released in response to industry feedback and as part of the Unite and Recover for Queensland Jobs plan to spur Queensland’s economic recovery from Covid-19. They are in addition to the other areas of land released for tender in Queensland’s 2020 Exploration Program, which includes 12 areas of land totalling 6,700km2 in south and central west Queensland, currently open for tender until Thursday, 9 July 2020.

Below is a map of the five new areas released for tender.

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