We are not like the other corporate law firms.

When you ask our people why they choose to work for us, the most common response is “because of the people.” 

We value ‘humanity’ and ‘collaboration’ over everything else. We care about the wellbeing of our people and will invest time in understanding your objectives so that we can support you throughout your career.

We believe it’s this focus on people that has seen our firm grow rapidly to become one of Australia’s leading independent law firms.


Experience like no other

We will put you at the forefront of the corporate world. We work with our clients on their most complex and business critical legal work – it's what we do best.

Thrive with us

With us, you will not be held back. Our people take on the work that reflects their ability, not their job title. You will have more opportunity to make an impact, have your ideas heard and step up in your career.

In it together

We pride ourselves on being down to earth, approachable, but always high performing. We have worked hard to create a culture where people look out for each other. Our ethos is: “we’re in it together” and it’s what we live by.

Focused on people, not numbers

When people come first, numbers take the backseat.

We have left billing and time targets in the past, where they should be. We still record our time, but we know that it does not define the value of our work. Working with us means you will not have to compete with your peers and your success will be measured by outcomes, not hours. We do this because it drives better results. Our people focus on the quality of their work, growing their skills and looking out for each other.